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I created my first Youtube Course

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For over a year between my jobs I figured I love teaching. Teaching gives me the opportunity to understand what I already know in depth and the ability to break it down challenges me to tell a story that's easy to consume.

I fell in love with this process when i started ​​ around the same time. I got over a hundred students but it never converted into something paid as Framer itself made a bunch of breaking changes and I couldn't see its exact potential among other tools like Protopie.

Protopie on the other hand was a much interesting tool at the time. It was simple enough to not write a single line of code but the interface itself was built on the foundation of code. It was a delightful mix of code and UI that opened up multiple ways to prototype. I decided to explore this tool further.

Here's a link to the course! Let me know how it goes -​

Side note - My whole channel is going through a major revamp including its branding. Subscribe there to follow the updates!

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